All True New Yorkers Miss These Subway Dancers

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subway dancers

If you live in New York City, you know the dread that you feel in the pit of your stomach around the 54th time you hear, “Showtime, ladies and gentlemen!” But in the 18-minute documentary, “Litefeet,” we see how the subway dance crew, W.A.F.F.L.E., feel from the other side of the performance. is trying to cope with the crackdown of new laws set in place for dancing on subways all while

The city and is seeking to take back the trains from performances. Cops are making arrests with each 1, 2 step they come across. In the documentary, the dancers, whose ages range from 6 to early 20s, express how they feel about the law involvement in their livlihood.


From this endearing video, we’ll see how the street performer has evolved over the years and what it truly means to their community. Peep below.

h/t: Shadow and Act

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