The Revamping of America–

Capitalizing on the recent progress of Obama’s new forms

on Community Colleges (to restart and re-energize)

I devised a list of things that I add..

with regard to basic social services–I think its a travesty that people are forced to sleep outside in the cold..especially in harsh winters..Here’s a video of just how bad it is…

I would like Obama and his representatives to come up with a way in which they can stimulate the economy by actually providing jobs in the badly needed areas of

Social Services, Grants and tax breaks for innovative non-profits and grassroots organizations, mental health and substance abuse programs etc (This would create thousands of jobs for the educated millennials like me that want to help society

Investing in these sectors now as well as the other 4 sectors that I am devising would lift the bottom half of society up now, while we are the most educated and most able to invest in our futures by injecting the major resources to beef up cities and communities that are on the verge (places like Detroit etc…)

I think that if we invest heavily in creating jobs–in the most basic of fields—Education, Social Service, Transportation/Construction, and Housing we can be one of the best nations to live.

And I hope my generation can be at the forefront of this momentous change

But as we all know, we need job creation to stimulate and also be able to stabilize the destructive policies of the Bush Administration…

The Good News is: Many millennials —the most in the entire history of America are educated

We shop at Whole Foods, we believe in God and want good for ourselves but for the next man also.

I propose that in the maybe in the next month of two–when Congress gets done vacationing, Obama can introduce certain ideas that will overwhelmingly help the 99% of the economy that need it the most.

Also, I would like to stress how this can be done–because as we all well know, Congress wants to sit on the hands for the next year rather than do anything meaningful for the people.

The top officials of these divergent cities know how important these  and maybe there’s even more than I am leaving out

(which I will revisit later)

But I think–Obama can start off small by doing what I call–

A Test Run

If we propose to invest in 10-15 major cities

Places like—Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, NY Atlanta….) 2-10million dollars

to specific areas (that can be written and drafted by the top officials in these cities)

Than (in like 2-4 years) we will be reaping the benefits as a nation…

Again–I am proposing a small amount–as just a loose figure–and with measures built in play–success)

To have a more effective government than what we have now….

Starting off small with any figure — will get the Republicans off his back and we will see the progress in the future 2-4 of having a better education system, better roads/transportation, more community programs, plentiful jobs being made and also created from this growth

I would also like more innovative thoughts and feedback on what Obama could do and what the newly appointed Congress can do–being more minorities and women than ever– Can do to get our nation back on track

Maybe we can take a que from Britain, as evident in this clip….

…by adopting some of the strategies Europe is doing to overcome unemployment, a dwindling middle class, and income inequality.

Asante Sana

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