Rashad’s Defense of Cosby–In the Season—of War on Black Men

Mrs. Rashad is right..People need to leave Bill alone..She is right that many people want to “Destroy his legacy”…Because foolishness and evil is abound..

This is the same media that will glorify Kim K. ass (its very nice btw) but… How many Black people support her…(all I’m saying is, would it be too much for you to do something/say a kind word for us(Black people)…

They want to know why ..because this is year/season of the Full assault on Black Manhood…They want us to turn our backs on our heroes and accept this dummy down media garbage…Nikki Minja/Jay-Z’s of the world to be exact

(But when those Negroes get their money, they don’t care to support—the real ordinary Balck people; they just symbolize and poster their way all the way to the bank..and Balck people are again left almost defenseless from the brutal system of racial oppression.

Everyone who doesn’t accept these morons–is somehow not black …when we are not…We’re just not THAT dumb…

The Youngins don’t like Bill telling them to “Act Right and Pull their Pants Up”
When He DID tell them to straighten up they  (in the form of Hannibal Burress) tried to bring him down—

as if Buress can do anything EVEN half as great  Cosby’s
(And where is that chicken Hannibal now–probably soaking it up on the beach, sipping My-Thai’s ,after you destroyed a man’s career”– You, Jerk!

Anyway, we in Black America got way bigger problems then who screwed who/where…

We are dying at astounding rates— because of a f*cking Hoodie, or loitering, or doing all kinds of things that are down right stupid

And (1st of all) its because We don’t have any respect for our elders
–i’m talking about the young millennials younger than 30
and because honestly they think/feel that they no longer need to be respectable/have respectability in society and that somehow/somewhere somebody is going to give them justice/equality etc….

I’m sorry, But That just doesn’t Work, nor has it ever, in American history, We all know NOW that decent and hard-working people paid their way to freedom…

And the younger generation must never shrink/cower from facing their own history and accepting the responsibility of their own destiny.

—Asante Sana

Hollywood Life

‘The Cosby Show’s Phylicia Rashad is firing back at claims that she blasted Bill Cosby’s alleged assault victims. She still stands by Bill, but claims the report about her statements regarding the scandal were misquoted.

After setting off a firestorm with her support of her once-beloved TV husband, 77-year-old Bill CosbyPhylicia Rashad, 66, is now stepping up to clarify what she meant in her explosive statements blasting her forer The Cosby Show co-star’s accusers. The actress says she was completely misquoted in the Jan. 6 report that ran her controversial statement.

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