Masked Gunmen Kills 12 Staffers At Satirical Paper In Paris For Anti-Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

Horrible incident in Paris, I guess over a controversial cartoon strip…France has been catching alot of hell about this comic strip and I think a similar incident happened in Holland…alll I gotta say is, maybe you should stop poking fun at people’s religion in such an offensive manner..and maybe incidents will not happen in the first place..But I don’t condone violence


Masked gunmen opened fire at a satirical French publication, Charlie Hebdo killing 12 people and injuring 10. Among those killed were several prominent cartoonists, including Stephane Charbonnier, Georges Wolinski, Bernard Maris and Jean Cabut(click here to see their photos)who often illustrated cartoons and wrote articles poking fun at Prophet Muhammad and the Muslim religion. Wolinski was 80-years-old and had been drawing cartoons since the 60s. Reports claim that the gunmen asked for the cartoonists by name and shot them one by one, execution style.

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French President François Hollande said the shooting was “undoubtedly a terrorist attack.” France has since raised its terror alert to the highest level. It’s being reported that the gunmen yell, “The Prophet Muhammad has been avenged” while they rushed into the magazine’s offices with rifles. And there were unconfirmed reports that one of the…

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