An NAACP Building Was Bombed In 2015, We’re Gonna Let That Sink In For A Minute

Oh my, even in the early aughts of the 2015’s, Black people still are being targets of racial discrimination and hatred…I think this is totally offensive and reprehensible


On Tuesday morning around 10:45AM, an “improvised explosive device” near the NAACP building in Colorado Springs discharged, frightening residents and workers in the area. The South El Paso Street sidewalk and exterior of the left side of the building were slightly ruptured, but thankfully no one was hurt.

MUST READ: The NAACP Releases A Full Timeline Of Every Reported Unarmed Black Person That Was Killed

Once FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents arrived on the scene, it was determined the explosion had been deliberately placed. They had also found a red gasoline can in the vicinity that was meant to pop off, but did not ignite. The suspect is still at large and is described as a “balding White male, about 40 years old” and there are hints of the act being racially motivated. Well duh.

Amy Sanders, an FBI agent, was neutral on the matter…

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