Pittsburgh Police Chief Under Fire For Challenging Racism In The Workplace, Responds To Criticism (PHOTOS)

Being from Pittsburgh, and all the officials there are white including the mayor..etc…..I don’t think very much of this…(f you need any further information on this Please look up the case of Jordan Miles–a young African-American boy who was brutally beaten in the 2000s–by the cops–while going to his grandmother’s house…this police chief slogan while hip and down with the hipsters form of fake activism really doesn’t address the systemic problems in the City of Pgh.

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So this happened.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay is facing some scathing criticism after he showed up at a New Year’s Eve celebration holding a sign denouncing racism in the workplace.

Let’s recap. A man is under fire for wanting to end racism.

But the sign, which read “I Resolve To Challenge Racism @ Work. #EndWhiteSilence,” wasn’t perceived as positive from a local police union, who suggested McLay was saying police in the department were racists.

“The chief is calling us racists. He believes the Pittsburgh Police Department is racist. This has angered a lot of officers,” police union president Howard McQuillan told KDKA.

The photograph of McLay holding the sign, which reportedly belonged to an activist at the event who asked McLay to pose with the message, was shared via Facebook by Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, who thought it would be a “great way to start the new year.”

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