The Erosion of the Black Middle Class

πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ In the next day or two, I will be writing an article about the Black Middle Class and how it’s erosion through America’s de-investment in schools, housing and jobs and other key infrastructures are effecting the way in which the educated Black elite can respond to the needs/problems of their poorer Black lower classes.

I am going to attempt to give some reasons why I think this is happening and why I see this as a way America is shirking its responsibility for the slave trade and now is backsliding certain civil rights/equality gains made by African Americans.

I will try to give reasons why it feels like Blacks are losing ground politically as a group, because of certain (ghetto) attributes of a subset of lower class Black behavior and how that is affecting respectability politics in the coming years.

I am hoping to write and research this subject because as a young Black professional women I feel as though, many of the social gains of my parents generation have been are being lost…due to what Dubois says, is a subset- not the majority of working/middle class Blacks-and their subsequent delinquency or ineffectiveness in society.

I will attempt to offer solutions based on Dubois findings and that of other leading Black Scholars regarding this issue (which is dear to my heart)

I hope my point of view will be refreshing as it is diametrically polar opposite to the current media sensationalism and hype around Who Black people really are and where they are going to see themselves in the coming decade, fully participating or sidelined and marginalized, if serious reform in society is not made…

Asante Sana


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