Revlon CEO Claims He Can “Smell A Black Person” When They Enter A Room, Lawsuit Alleges (DETAILS)

Wow…Lessons from the top…it’s good to hear what things are said behind your back just like in the case of female Sony exec, one day Black people will demand better from the companies they just blindly dump all their money on…and to act accordingly in order to be able to get the respectable treatment/behaviors they deserve.

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Revlon LOVE IS ON With Olivia Wilde

Sooo, what exactly does a black person smell like? According to a lawsuit filed by Revlon’s former top scientist, CEO Lorenzo Delpani knows.

Alan Myers was fired from the beauty brand last month, and shortly after, he filed the discrimination suit against Delpani (pictured on the right), claiming he bullied Myers because of Jewish heritage and had it out for him ever since he reported safety issues in Revlon’s production processes, reports the New York Post. In one incident described in the suit, Myers was forced to act as a “human easel” and hold a whiteboard for 30 minutes during a high-level meeting.

Delpani, an Italian native, took the position in 2013, and according to the court papers, has said things like “Jews stick together” and was shocked there weren’t many in the company since the biggest shareholder, Ron Perelman, is Jewish.

He also allegedly called Americans “small-minded” and “dirty,” before going…

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