Reasons to end War-And Spread Love Peace and Diplomacy to the World

Wikipedia has come up with a 36pg report on how Congress can evacuate Iraq and Afghanistan

We all should listen and take heed. When I think about the amount of money we dump overseas and how for every dollar Congress allocates to govt. spending, 55¢ out of every dollar is spent trying to avenge 9/11 in some kind of cowboys and Indians exploration game in Iraq and Afghanistan….when we could be fixing our broken social infrastructure here in education, public works projects that could be a benefit to people here.

It is a shame how Republicans and War-mongers have tried to sucker the American public into this War for Oil, and it has all been to our own detriment.

Ending this War through diplomacy and a laying down of arms should be all of our collective goals this holiday season

Asante Sana

·Side note- i got most of the stats for this article-on a DVD called One Peace at a Time-Its a riveting piece about how much is money is beingasted being wasted allocating most of our resources to an overseas war when so many right here at home are having problems putting food on the table, getting jobs, or going to  f°cked up under funded schools living in rapidly deteriorating neighborhoods-etc.etc. right here….

I mean if certain people feel like Black Children should change their ways, why not invest in early ed…or better yet, placing the bulk of money on post-high school job trainings so people can find themselves out of poverty or a valuable teen pregnancy programs that could discourage the lower income educated Black Community to stop recreating the cycle of debilitating poverty we are finding ourselves in today..

or do we just continue down this path of not doing anything about youth’s situation and expect crime and poverty teen pregnancy in the inner city all to  just go away on its own?


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