Raising States Minimum Wages

I’m in favor of raising the minimum wage- I just don’t get why places like PA and Ohio always have to wait for their increases while places like Mass, CT, and NY all get higher than min. Minimum wages consistently ahead of every one else. I think if you are going to do to-do it equitably-(The same in the case of legalizing marijuana- I mean Colorado and some of the other Western states get this while NYers, Washingtonians may be jailed for small amounts-It’s just ludicrous-and it reminds me of the days of The Puritanism and the Prohibition-can you imagine how stupid life would be if it took another hundred years to legalize something as light as a Beer)

Anyway, getting back to the subject of a higher minimum wage, I just think it’s should be equitably done so that certain states that g always get the most progressive reforms don’t end up giving the other states the shaft

PA people are just as hard-working as anybody…..The End.



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