Tuesday’s Highlights-Protests, The economy and Assata


We keep protesting, despite, the two officers death and warnings from the mayor-We have to show the world that Ismayyli, Eric, Trayvon and Tamir Matter!


They aren’t taking Assata-

Despite Cuba’s weak position economically, they still cling to their ideals (and are standing up to Goliath I.e. fat-man Chris Christie) and are continuing to grant political asylum for former Black Panther goddess-Assata Shakur!

Good news, because of political will here, we was about to take it to the streets!-

My hope is that without anymore interference the U.S. and Cuban governments can get past their tumultuous past and Focus on their Bright Collective Future!



And finally,

They say the economy is going up- but it’s still only a few points (like 5%) every time they post these figures, so I guess for most of us, we see this supposed ´growth´ as a comforting thought that we are moving in the right direction but far from the goals of everyone being able to work and make it in this rough economy.



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