N.J. Officials Look To Extradite Assata Shakur From Cuba

Absolutely, not…if the terms of dismantling the Cuban Embargo means giving up Assata..Go F* Yourselves!!!!



On the heels of President Obama announcing Wednesday the U.S. will participate in a prisoner swap with Cuba, New Jersey officials are demanding the return of Assata Shakur.  USA Today is reporting Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R is calling on the White House to have Shakur extradited back to the U.S. to serve her life sentence for the murder of a New Jersey state trooper after the Obama administration also revealed plans to lighten the sanctions against Cuba.

To me, the New Jersey law enforcement community and many other Americans, one of the biggest impediments to improved relations between the United States and Cuba is the continued safe haven provided to the fugitive, Joanne Chesimard. I would demand that the White House and the State Department work much harder to bring this murderer ‘home’ to New Jersey where she can face justice and serve out her sentence


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