Tuesday Industry Reads: Getting Back into the Fashion Loop



Naomi is the new face of Agent Provocateur—which I love—can u say Hot!!!!   🙂


Heidi Slimane is still doing his thing at Saint Laurent–I still don’t think he should not have changed the name of the House…but the clothes are good and they are making money…I guess that’s all that matters these days…enjoy!



In Hot Model News: Jon K gets Spanish town Bilboa honor—He is SooOOO   HoooOOTTTTTT

(so I consider everything he does relevant news….and I can’t wait to see his new film, Versus and I loved a Single Man–well actually I loved him when I first seen him on L’Officiel Hommes —Ahhhh!



And Finally for some very sad news: The Hot ” It” Girl and co-founder of Miss Jessies—

Target Salute To Miko Branch And Titi Branch To Celebrate Being Named Two Of Ebony Magazine's Power 100

Ms. Titi Branch is gone…Sadly….they think it is an apparent suicide…

She is so cute…and I feel so sad…


That’s why I blog to raise awareness about Black suicides and to try to speak up about injustices and to increase the love in the world

But anyway..She was so beautiful and I’m sure she will be missed…..ahhhh…….Peace


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