The Don Lemon School Of Being Black: Lawrence Otis Graham Is Still Not ‘Our Kind Of People’ [VIDEO]

He is a responsible Black parent..and yeah..his rules might suck..but He’s not saying anything different or new than you have been told..if you have parents that love and care for seems like every time a person, wants to stand up and do the right thing. he is often criticized in the Black community for it…C’mon–We all got certain rules as a child.


Attorney, speaker and author of “Our Kind Of People,” Lawrence Otis Graham appeared on Nightline to piss all Black people off the same way CNN host Don Lemondoes. In the video above, Graham explains that he urges his privileged children to wear sweater vests instead of graphic T-shirts with offensive messages and khakis instead of baggy jeans–and those wardrobe choices are what’s going to save them from a deadly encounter with law enforcement. See–Don Lemon had the same advice for Black folk.

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We are so sick of this same dialogue–wearing a certain type of clothing being the saving grace for wayward Black kids. There’s no amount of sweaters tied around Black necks that will ease the tensions between police and Black youth. Graham grew up in an all-White suburb of New York in the 60s…

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