Friday Reads:

The Situation in the Darfur is Dire…Its so Bad..The ICC Prosecutor has just given up on trying to represent and get justice for the Sudanic People.

This is, I guess, NYT way of analyzing De Blasio’s position in NY so far. I do think he is trying, but I think he should do more to help with affordable housing and the way the NYPD handles the minority community…We will see as he goes forward, whether He will “do right by” scores of African-Americans tired of the Bloomberg/Kelly Stop and Frisk tactics

And Finally:

They wonder why we are mad..

The wealth gap for White families is 13x the income for Black families…in America

…oh in Fashion News…

Sad to say but GIannini is out at Gucci–I feel bad, I liked her point of view, but I’m sure the Fashion elite were kind of bored with her tame sensibilites–and they probably were hounding her to make more money–which Fashion is all about these days– although she is really talented—I think it was probably really hard for her to fill Tom shoes

Oh well, Best of Luck, Anyway Frida–

Fashion is a fickle place

and yeah…I’m reblogging from WWD but anyway!!

I love Kimora and Baby Kenzo!  Read this cool article about the most beautiful Black and Asian (Blasian) supermodel in the world …You’re such an inspiration—You go Girl!


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