Impressed by the best-Russell holds his own in heated debate

I am pleased by his ability to see what the Root of the problem is…

Russell and Bill get into It

And to be able to let Bill know that America’s system of subjugation and unfair policing have brought on a formidable question that all the thinkers, actors, teachers, and lovers are all trying to figure out how to fix-


What would it look like in the 21st century?

African-based schools for children age 4-18

Higher education costs should be nullified and African American students should be exempt from paying high tuition based on what’s morally right

More development in America ´s infrastructure reinvesting in building roads, better schools and programs to develop the potential life outcomes for millions of Black people-raising the skill sets and returning America into the technological and professionally advanced nation we are supposed to be

…Or are we just going to scare under people like O’Reilly and Limbaugh and not get anything done to right the injustice of slavery for millions of African American people who feel it’s vicious and lasting effects on our backs every day


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