A Ferguson Activist Meets President Obama & Was Very Disappointed [VIDEO]

This whole debate is so interesting..Old guard vs. the New..and How can the Youth learn from the wisdom of the Older Generation


20-year-old Ferguson activist Rasheen Aldridge Jr. was invited to the White House by President Obama, along with a few other young activists from Ferguson Commission–a group tasked by Missouri governor Jay Nixon with looking into the community’s social and economic problems–to talk about the protests and while this would be the biggest moment in any 20-year-old’s life, Aldridge was disappointed.

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Back in 2008, when Aldridge discovered the young Black politician, he was enamored with him. He was my idol, he was a person I thought about every single day,” Aldridge explained. President Obama inspired the young activist to speak out and use his voice to help effect change. “This man starts speaking about hope and change and you felt it. I remember staying home when he got inaugurated…

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