New Somali-American Killing-Kansas City

This blog’s purpose is to celebrate, criticize, and most importantly raise the awareness of marginalized people in America I.e. – specifically those who experience racism and economic oppression

Marginalised groups within the Black race like LGBT communities, smart hard-working decent Black people, as well as newly emigrated Caribbean and African individuals that come to America to create a better life—all deserve and need to be accepted by the greater society as well as (The Black Community)

It makes me feel mad

…when I hear stories like this because both in Holland, parts of Italy and Spain and America, recent African immigrants have been receiving unjust backlash…and this simply

Should not be..

It makes me feel even more incensed when this type of ignorance happens to people of the same color bullying and ostracizing each other based on social conditioning….Which dare I say, is so stupid and dumb) ie..((When those NY kids were beat up and blamed for The Ebola virus…

This should not be…and this blog’s sole purpose is to inform and also restore a voice to those on the fringe of Black America while living in the midst of it

I hope that with the passing of Trayvon’s and Eric Gardner we can discuss and implement a even Broader change in society that will bring freedom, justice and decency back to our communities and neighborhoods….Starting with me


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