Today In Awful Bill Cosby News: U.S. Navy Revokes His Title; He Countersues An Accuser & More

I am so disappointed in everyone, including the Navy.. Bill’s accomplishments in life should not be disgraced like this, and I for one Stand up for you!


bill cosby (5)

It’s happening. Bill Cosby’s legacy that he worked so hard to build…is crumbling. And now he’s facing the consequences.

It’s been years of these sexual assault allegations coming out against Cosby, however these last few months have shone an unwanted spotlight on him, causing the entire world to speculate about Cosby’s sordid past and wonder how much reverence should we still have for this man? Shows are being cancelled, appearances denied and endorsement deals are fading.

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So far, Cosby has lost NBC and Netflix deals, resigned from Temple University’s Board of Trustees and has been asked to step down from UMass-Amherst’s fundraising committee.  As many as 18 women have come forward in accusing Cosby. His life…his legacy will never be the same.

Here’s a few of the latest Cosby headlines that prove he’s in the midst of dealing…

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