Stevie Wonder Voices His Frustration On Police Killings: ‘I Heard Eric Garner With My Own Ears’ [VIDEO]

…Now you know…


During the Seattle stop of his Songs in the Key of Life tour, Stevie Wondershared with the crowd his frustration about the recent non-indictments of police officers for killing Black men.

MUST READ: #ICantBreathe: Protestors Demand Justice For Eric Garner

Before the opening of “Living for the City,” Stevie addressed the crowd:

“Can you believe that within one month, two grand juries, secret grand juries, declined to indict two policemen for the killing of two Black men? I just don’t understand that. I don’t understand why there could not have been a public trial where we would be able to hear all sides to the story. I just don’t understand. I’ll tell you what I do understand: I heard Eric Garner with my own ears, ‘I can’t breathe.’”

This isn’t Wonder first time making a bold political statement; In addition to his decades of activism, he was one of…

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