Rudy Giuliani: Black people, stop making white police officers shoot you

Wow…this is Its Embarrassing–that our Young Black kids need to hear it..From the Former mayor himself…(no less)
I mean—How stupid….
Which ties me into another post—I was going to make about —How–Black People–I love ya’ll
I am Y’all ..but I
just can’t excuse some of the shit we do.
I mean,
Get it Together! y’all
even as I write this.,..I know that alot of Young Black children won’t listen to this perspective (or have any respect for older people) b/c of things that Giuliani might not have had to experience…
But what I am saying is that —Do we need a reminder that (we can’t live in happy and peace togerther)
Are we so far gone—that no one has Home-training and our communities are so on the brink…that we have never heard of the “Come Home before Sundown” unspoken rules—to even keep us safe…or even lack the know how to bring it all back to positive and stable communities on our own…
I mean, Damn– I know WE CAN!!!
I know that this is a vanity project something for me…that is both personal and political but Damn–what he says hits a nerve and
You know, He’s not right on HOW he says it…but…He has a point that we (Black P) are being too blindly stupidly, led down the path of ignorance, over-population, and uneducation which ultimately is leading to our (self-destruction) which I will put in another piece
.And the problem is ..Both Racists–like Guiliani, Kelly and the ilk and its the Crazy antics of Young Black Youth….(that go without)
I really can’t excuse some of the shit we do, but at least we can try to do our part to right the wrong


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