Reflections on a Recent Article

Some Hipsters decided to quiz Sen.Rick Perry–This shit is so funny!

Go Class of 2014!

Check this article out!

And Ben Stein…

decides to offer his intellectual view on Race relations..

I’m wondering what he suggests:

I mean, like How he plans on remedying the dire straits in the Black Community?

Like what strategies are the American people going to do to Rectify the 400+years of Chattle slavery and Jim Crow–

and to Ensure that everyone get a fair decent education, access to opportunities in a system as unequal as ours?


Well…my solution is two-part  (answer to DuBois–question of the single most important issue in today’s race relations)

1). Blacks have to cut out all this foolishness and backwards-ness

2.  The white majority needs to rectify-1st the problem of slavery before they even get to anything else–And work to eliminate much of the inequality and racism/elitism, and

This has to be a Two part process–America has to come to Terms with the Future by Rectifying the Past…

Its just the laws of Nature.

The cycle of Life–as they say–

Asante Sana


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