Awesome Black Artist’s Newest Pieces Capture The Beauty Of Black Women

So..I’m still looking at Day 5 pictures for many shows! Enjoy some cool art!

The Urban Daily

Cameras followed Kehinde Wiley, a New York-based portrait painter, as he decided to explore the inner and outer beauty of Black women for his latest project.

Kehinde is known for his creating portraits of young Black men, showcasing them in a way that mainstream society rarely does: strong, noble, soulful and heroic. He sets them against and even places them into classical-inspired pieces like a portrait modeled after Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps. It’s been the main focus of his work for years up until now.

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Recently, Kehinde decided to color outside the lines of his comfort zone by creating pieces with Black women as the subject. The whole process was captured for PBS in a documentary titled “Kehinde Wiley: Economy of Grace.”

Through his new work, Kehinda hoped to explore the idea of…

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