Whoa! reflections on Paris men’s fashion review spring 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4Bww7pUmaoThis week:

Yves Saint Laurent–Thom Browne–Givenchy–with Adrianna Lima Men’s Paris Week–the pics of John at l.v. The Dolce Gabanna opening guy was so hot–it was worth all the struggle and pain of me trying to get on Youtube to see it..

Oh my God not to mention..The Missoni Show was in fact the hottest show–they had this boy and I know most of you have seen him if you watched Fall 2014 Missoni menswear
he is so adorable..he is a halo..he is in this one too!

and i think the show…well it was the highlight in a rather boring montonistic uptight male view–and I preferred the whimsy of Dries Van Noten and Paul smith ..but i really think that Raf Simons sucks i think he is so disrespectful of a designer and he personally just sucks–

Enjoy the clip from one of the Season’s best
I would divulge more..but I’m still reviewing them.

And Mango–the Mango show was awesome–omg—for there’s so many


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