July 4th—Reflections on Slavery, America, and the Future of Black People in America


What we need is love, fairness and justice for the 20million African slaves that were brought here to build this nation. There descendants are living in ghetto poverty, suffer from under-education (failing broken school systems) having babies out of control, dropping out of school, crime, the brutality and unjustness of the over-arching criminal justice system…the world is just out of control

Obama can have time to axe Affirmative Action programs…REALLY?

And he’s pledging all this money–like 2 BiLLion dollars for immigration services—Black people can’t even pay for school, and what about all the opportunities that are denied or excluded to Blacks already…??? hum

It just seems like America has to face its social, economic and political angst against Black people and really pay respects and due to the millions of Black people suffering in this cruel and unjust racist system.


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