Jared Leto–2014–This is Your Year

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Celebrity SightingsGorgeous

I thought it was goin to be hard to replace my former love, bad boy turned good, Russell Brand, although I spent many a days on the Lower East Side in dive bars and coffeeshops just to catch a glimpse of someone like him…

But alas, someone from Hollywood transformed themselves into the Hottest It -Boy

And that someone is Jared Leto

He is blowing up, after his phenomenal role as a transgendered women in Dallas Buyers Club, and I am blown away..by how he has come in with his cool hair and icy blue eyes..to take the spot of Hot New Bohemian man 2014

…Love to see more of this kind of cool, rocker chic meme!

Devendra Banhart, Russell, and Jared– its all about u

Kudos to Brad Pitt–also for the big chop– I dont have a name for this haircut–but

It looks good on you!


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