Andre Leon Talley’s New Appointment to Zappos



Andre Leon Talley (who I consider my own fashion fairy god-father) is embarking on a new phase of his career as a luxury consultant for the Zappos brand. In this appointment, he curates alot of Zappos high-fashion options–creating picks and giving advice to lamens people on fashion.

I am so proud of him in all that he does, I think he is an amazing person..

I want to share a personal pic that I was lucky enough to attend the Litttle Black Dress Book Premier at Book Marc in 2013. He is so gracious, nice and fun. I love this man and even though I’m still to shy to actually talk to him. I am in awe of a fashion career and a constantly inspired!

Good Luck, Andre’

Also Robert Verde (from E’s Fashion Police show was there also)


I first met him at Fashion Week 2012–(and He was nice enough to take a picture from my blog) and I love him too!

Both really cool people–and I am soo lucky to have brushed shoulders with both of them.


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