Black Beauty vs. Straight out of the Bush

It seems the current trend of Fashion–when featuring Black Beauty tends to be either to find the most basic Black face or just

basically pick this exoticism African Black girl that may or may not be apart of traditional African American beauty–

(which some could argue there isn’t) But to most Black people we know what the standards of Beauty in our community is

I’m arguing that either practice does little to truly uplift the standards of Black Beauty and highlight the actual beauty and mystic of Black women in general.

While I am all for Black girls of all color spectrums–I feel because we are not in control of who even gets to be a top Black Model

the decision is often-times made outside of our control; and not according to basic African-American standards of Beauty at ALL.

Thus the dichotomy which I call Black Beauty vs. Straight out da Bush

I just wish–that European fashion editors,photographers and casting agents did a better job

and not just cast the “Safe” Black girl model–which I am getting sick of seeing in newspapers and ads

Why doesn’t the larger fashion industry with its millions of dollars of resources–do more to highlight the beauty that’s already in our communities to not just pretty faces, but leaders, actual role models–be it actual models or not–someone with brains that can speak on African American issues–instead of picking people–specifically designed not to question or push for more inclusiveness; and not just validate their own the countless number of models (that while rich and famous) do little outside of their field for their own communities which is the trend of today

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